Look back: London Trip in Photos

After spending amazing 2 months in Paris it was time for Shuchi and I to see London. We had transit flights via London multiple times but we never explored the city. This time we made sure to visit all the landmarks in our list.

Paris to London

We took super comfortable idBUS from Paris. It was a very smooth 6/7 hr ride with nice views along the way. Crossing English Channel by boarding the train in our bus was a very unique experience.


The Buckingham Palace

Started exploring late in the evening. Unfortunately we were only able to see it from outside as it was closed for winter.

Buckingham Palace Buckingham Palace Buckingham Palace Buckingham Palace


Big Ben - The House of Parliament

Iconic landmark of UK. Finally saw it personally after watching it in hundreds of movies.

Big Ben Big Ben


Red Telephone Booths

Traditional British red telephone kiosk can still be seen in many places throughout London. Looks good - I dared to open one of those and it smelled urine and vomit all over.

Red Telephone Box Red Telephone Box


Trafalgar Square

Major tourist attraction in Central London - this place commemorates the victory of Brisish naval in Battle of Trafalgar. Now a central square for all sorts of demonstrations and event celebrations. Nice place to hangout - no more pigeon feeding allowed here, as they were a nuisance rather than attraction.


London Eye and River Thames

Another icon of London glittering in blue lights on a cold winter night.


Tower of London

Historic castle on the northern bank of River Thames. A royal residence as well as a prison in historic times.


Westminster Abbey

Gothic style church in London - also burial place of famous personalities like Issac Newton and Charles Darwin.


British Museum

A must see place dedicated to history, art and culture. Though some artifacts in museum were forcibly taken from respective countries for the Queen.

British Museum British Museum Egypt Exhibit Rosetta Stone


Hyde Park - Winter Wonderland

It's one of the largest parks in London. We were fortunate to visit here in Christmas time - entire place was full of Christmas themed fun and activities.


After spending an amazing week in London it was time for us to go to our next destination Amsterdam. Thank you Sneha and Abhishek for hosting us in this wonderful city of London.

~ Saurabh