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Travelers— figuring out what’s next. Saurabh was previously a Software Engineer at LinkedIn and Shuchi at Salesforce. While he loves reading, she loves art!

Shuchi and Saurabh

Saurabh Shrivastava

Quit my job as a senior engineer for Linkedin. Now travelling most of the time and figuring out my next play. Professionally I have active interest in developing modern web and mobile applications. At present learning the aspects of product development and web application to build awesome useful products. Earlier as an engineer for Linkedin I have developed massive data processing pipelines using Hadoop, MapReduce and other big data technologies.
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Shuchi Muley

Traveller and artist by heart - At present learning figure drawing at Lourve Muesuem in Paris. Earlier in professional career I worked as a software engineer for companies like Salesforce and Appirio.com. I have active interest in game and mobile application development.
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